Carol McGill received the 2019 Southern Tier Library System’s Outstanding Library Advocate Award for her efforts to make the new Library a reality.  

The improvement and expansion of library services to the residents and visitors of Pulteney and the surrounding area is immense.  Not only do we have a beautiful new library, the fundraising included funding for new books and materials which increases the benefit to the community.  In the library located in the Town Hall, we were space challenged for many years.  Lack of space and our own meeting room has limited programming, the size of our collection, and the number of people who could browse, read, or just hang out.  These limitations are now gone thanks to Carol’s dedicated and determined work to see that the Pulteney Free Library has a permanent home after 138 years.

Brian Hildreth, Director of STLS, Carol McGill, Barb Radigan, Director of Pulteney Free Library, Lauren Moore, New York State Librarian