Honorariums & Memorials



In Memory of Edna Mae Tears
    Given by:
            Nancy Snyder
            Mike & Nathalia Riseley
            Chris & Mark Illig
            Catherine Nadler
            Sally Kostera
            Michael Doyle

In Memory of James Carpenter – Given by Joyce Matson
In Memory of Robert Ross – Given by Janet Stone
In Memory of Robert & Phyllis Ross – Given by Ray & Maureen Ferris
In Memory of Adam Bellamy
     Given by:
           Janet Stone

           The Geertz Family


In Honor of Shirley Griffin – Given by her family, Michelle, Stephany, & Dickie
In Honor of Kathy Wheat & Fred Schulte – Given by Kim & Steve Condas
In Honor of Alise Irwin – Given by Bonnie Weber