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Recipes may be emailed to or you may print them out and bring or mail to the Library.
If hand writing recipes, print neatly in ink, not pencil and write legibly.
List all ingredients in order of use in ingredients list and directions.
Include amounts, sizes, e.g. 2 (8 oz. cans), temps, and baking/cooking times.
Keep ingredients separate and directions in one paragraph.  Do not submit recipes in steps, columns, or charts.  Recipes which cannot conform to our chosen recipe format will be omitted,
Use names of ingredients in direction, e.g. “Combine flour and sugar.”  DO NOT use statements like “Combine first three ingredients.”
Include temperatures and cooking, chilling, baking, and/or freezing times.
Any special recipe notes (anything other than ingredients, directions, contributor name, serving size, or recipe title) should be kept as a separate comment at the bottom of the page, as they may not be included unless we pay extra for it.
Your recipes should fit into one of the following categories:

Appetizers & Beverages                  Breads & Rolls

Soups & Salads                                  Desserts

Vegetables & Side Dishes                Cookies & Candy

Main Dishes                                         This & That

This & That will include a Kids’ Section with recipes that kids would like and recipes that they can make themselves (or with help.)  It will include a memory section of recipes made by and/or with someone special.
Please submit 3 – 5 of your favorite recipes.  Proceeds go to the Pulteney Free Library Building Fund.